Get Fast wireless internet Uncapped, Unthrottled, the way it should be.

R369.00 pm
  • - Browsing the internet and social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • - Online Banking & Emails.
  • * Subject to Geo-location and AUP.
  • - You mostly use the internet for Downloading & Video Streaming.
  • - You want a decent connection needed for Online Gaming.
  • * Subject to Geo-location and AUP.
  • - You have multiple devices that use the internet for Downloading & Video Streaming.
  • - You want your whole household connected.
  • * Subject to Geo-location and AUP.
  • - You run a small Business and need your employees to be connected.
  • - You have multiple users connected at the same time.
  • * Subject to Geo-location and AUP.
  • - You run a small to medium Business and need your employees to be connected.
  • - You watch LIVE STREAMING in HD (High Definition)
  • * Subject to Geo-location and AUP.

Not Sure what you need? Use this handy calculator!

Calculate how long it will take you to download a file

Bandwidth Calculator
The speeds shown by download time calculator is purely theoretical. We try to simulate the real world scenario as much as possible, but It is not always possible to have the same speed over a continous period of time. Your download speed will depend on various other factors like the upload speed of the web-server, distance between your computer and the server and other disturbences.  The quality of your internet connection is also dependent on latency and jitter(noise).


Make sure you have the right speed to suit your steaming need.

Service SD (480p) HD (720p) Full HD (1080p) 4K/UHD (2160p)
Netflix 2Mbps 4Mbps 5Mbps 15Mbps
YouTube 2.5Mbps 4Mbps 15Mbps
Amazon Prime 1Mbps 3.5Mbps 3.5Mbps 15Mbps
Vudu 2.3Mbps 4.5Mbps 9Mbps 11Mbps
Hulu 1.5Mbps 3Mbps 6Mbps 13Mbps
Showmax 2Mbps 4Mbps
netflix, showmax, youtube, DSTV now

Not all streaming sites are equal

Ever wondered why you are able to stream at higer qualities on some sites and not on others?

Every streaming service on the market today has their own individual pro's and con's, you may find that a series or movie on one streaming service loads faster or buffers / stutters less than the other one - even with the same quality settings... This can be caused by a few things such as file compression, server load and location of the server. 

Compare | Review | Get advice | Showmax vs. Netflix

Showmax or Netflix? Which VOD is better suited to your household. Kompare compares the two big Video On Demand platforms

All Wireless internet packages are Uncapped and Unshaped.  Our service Ratio is 1:1 on all of our packages eg. should you have a 4MBps connection, you will receive 4mbps download and 4mbps upload.  Please note that wireless internet is still a best effort service and the quality of your connection may be affected by external factors such as extreme weather.  Our service uptime is 98.99 %.

Standard installation vs Custom

Our standard installation quote is R3199.89 - Once off.  Installation quotes may vary depending on your requirements. eg. should you have more than one house requiring internet the extra hardware will be added to your quote.

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