Security is vital both at home and business, let us make it easy by taking care of your surveillance system from A - Z.

We do assessment, layout planning, ordering and installation of CCTV Camera surveillance systems. Dahua, being known as a total solution provider in the IP surveillance industry, it makes sense to only use the best. With a variety of available products from box cameras, dome or fish eye, to wide angle and long lens camera's you are sure to find what suits your needs.

A Range of Benefits

If you’re looking for reasons to install CCTV Surveillance systems, you've come to the right place.  Security is increasingly important both in Business, protecting your assets, as well as at Home securing your family and giving you peace of mind.  We have different camera systems available for different applications and industries: 

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Remote Viewing

We help you setup remote viewing on a range of devices, so you can view your cameras from where ever you are in the world.
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Night Vision

We provide cameras with infrared capabilities, low light and thermal cameras specifically designed for night time viewing.

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License Recognition

We have specialist camera systems available with the express HD quality needed to identify number plates on cars, used in industry specific installations.

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Facial Recognition

Ensure reliable identification. These cameras use specialized lenses to allow successful verification of faces.

PTZ Cam Tracking Abilities

PTZ Cam Zoom Abilities

Camera Monitoring

If you’re looking for a more advanced security setup with camera monitoring, look no further. We then went into a partnership with Associated Camera Monitoring Services which is part of the A.I.S. Group of Companies.  A local company, which supplies above average services, and has a proven track record.  ACMS suppllies camera monitoring and response services, and TekSupport is responsible for all technical work.


Head over to the ACMS Website to read more about their monitoring services, they offer dedicated support, have a professional team, they offer full incident reporting reporting and minimal downtime.

After-sales & Maintenance

Our after sales and maintenance include regulary servicing and maintenance of camera equipment.  By keeping your equipment in clean and efficient condiotion, your cameras have a longer lifespan. Contact us for new installations or for upgrading existing systems.

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